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[My recruiter] is extremely talented and easy to work with while at the same time being detail oriented. She not only had complete knowledge of the companies she works with but had all of the additional details taken care of before they had been requested. She made the entire process look and feel effortless. Every possible question I had she was able to answer off the top of her head. However, it is the type of “appearance of effortlessness” that only comes with a large amount of work. She pinpointed a perfect opportunity for me based on my resume and our conversation. She is an excellent judge of people and positions and I have already recommended her to other people needing recruiters. I absolutely recommend her to anybody looking for a truly top notch recruiter.

— Scott Gould, Candidate

I have had quite a few recruiters assist in my search for IT jobs but this recruiter has been by far the best. She is always upbeat and professional when discussing a potential position. Prior to the job interviews, she was clear and concise in providing the hiring company expectations. She follows up before and after the interview in case I still had additional questions. The reason that I mentioned she has been the best is because she has been proactive in assisting in finding job openings that fits my skills set, taking the time in answering my questions, providing valuable feedback, being prompt with setting up follow up calls and most importantly making me feel that I was her number one client. I greatly appreciate all of her assistance.

— Bornon Gaba, Candidate