I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for treating me like royalty.  They are simply marvelous!  Not only that, when I first entered into the office, the receptionist was so nice and professional; I knew right then and there that Midtown is definitely the place for me. I will, without hesitation recommend your establishment to others. Thank you for everything.

Susan Jamieson, Candidate

I don’t know how to say thank you enough. You found me like a needle in a haystack. You gave me the opportunity to interview for an amazing position with a person I deeply respect. You coached and encouraged me before the interview. You negotiated for me afterwards. You were understanding and kind in the end. I do hope our paths cross again. Thank you for your time and guidance.

D. L., Candidate

I just wanted to say thank you for the opportunity to work over my Christmas Break.  It was a good experience, and I really appreciated the care that The Midtown Group showed to me as well as the others that I worked with.  If I am ever back around Maryland and DC, I hope that I can come by for some work.

Stephen Rieman, Candidate

The candidates that Midtown sent “were all AMAZING!! They were incredibly polite, helpful, respectful and a general pleasure to work with.  The quality of their work was outstanding and even though we were completely disorganized on our end they were able to adjust and be flexible.  I would recommend using them (Midtown) again.

Lia Beauvais, Client

Thank you for all of your encouragement and support…and a huge thanks to your entire staff, I could not have, with confidence and perseverance, accepted or have been granted such an offer without the support of the Midtown team.

Vicki Brown, Candidate

Working with Midtown has been outstanding.  I try to say thank you enough – but please pass my thanks to all!

Julie D. Wugalter, Client

These guys are great! They identify my needs and they fill them… it’s as simple as that!

Bruno Giri, Client

Midtown has always been very accessible, understanding and respectful. Midtown rarely makes mistakes. They feel like a family to me, I always feel very welcome there. I really feel like I can trust them.

Sue Judin, Candidate

Your firm is a pleasure to work with and we appreciate the quality of the personnel you refer to us…I would give you a 10 on all accounts.

Dale Andrews, Client

Establishing and keeping a professional relationship with Midtown is easy because everyone there is so professional. I have extremely high standards and Midtown exceeded them. They found me a rewarding and challenging position, I feel like I am an integral part of the staff here. The most extraordinary thing about them is the fact that we have upheld our professional relationship even after they placed me permanently at my current position.

Fredericka Lloyd, Candidate

My philosophy is to establish a long term relationship with the agency I use and I have such a relationship with Midtown Personnel. We have a mutually trusting and loyal relationship. By having this kind of relationship (with an agency) they know what you expect from a candidate, which makes my hiring decision easier and quicker.

Denise Smith-Graye, Client

The people at Midtown communicate very well with me and I feel as though they had my best interests in mind at all times. It’s a very personal environment. They work very quickly and I had an assignment the very first day that I came in.

Marcia Jones, Candidate

Midtown Personnel is as professional an organization as I have ever encountered. The people who work for Midtown have a strong sense of what is important to me. It is easy to put together a laundry list of requirements, but the real difference comes from the intangibles, those things that you can’t put down on paper. They have a great sense for what we need and making the right fit. I couldn’t be happier with my relationship with Midtown Personnel.

John Monch, Client

Calling Midtown is like calling a family member.

Leslie Whiteside, Candidate

Because of my experience, I have already begun to tell others that Midtown is the only “town” to visit.  I appreciate the opportunity to let you know that your service, follow up and overall professionalism are bar none the best I have ever experienced.  I am from DC and have used other headhunters over the years and I can’t say that I have had this level of support and encouragement in this city.  That speaks volumes about Midtown.

Erika Jackson, Candidate

Things are really great here. I love my job, it’s true! Kind of funny, I saw an ad for Midtown that says “Love your job”. My manager is really a great guy and that makes things very pleasant. It’s a very nice company to work for and that’s nice to say after 5 months.

Casey McKinney, Candidate

I would like to thank you once again for assisting me with getting my job. Midtown’s Kevin Kramer is the best headhunter that I’ve ever worked with, and I will continue to refer nothing but quality people to you. I love my job!

Le’onarda E. Wilson, Candidate

Check out this sweet thank you card that Molly, one of our recruiters received!

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Thank You Midtown!,