COVID-19 Response Services

Providing emergency response support for Federal, State and local government agencies

COVID-19 Response Services

Providing emergency response support for Federal, State and local government agencies
Midtown is experienced in providing COVID19 Response Teams to support:
  • Testing Sites
  • Contact Tracing
  • Vaccine Scheduling
  • Quarantine Sites
  • Social Services
  • Virtual Schools
  • Financial Reconciliation
Responding to a national emergency means trusting a proven partner who can provide efficient, responsive, and empathetic support.
Pandemic Response – Midtown Supporting Nation’s COVID19 Actions
Testing Sites

Midtown is providing operational staff at fixed testing sites and public pop-up testing sites across multiple locations in coordination with government agencies and other public/private partners. We guide guests through the COVID19 testing process, including assisting with pre-registration, registration, and greeting guests. We also set up and tear down mobile testing sites, which change location weekly to best serve the widest population of residents.

For a government-run public health laboratory, we provide a team of Medical Technicians to meet the increased demand for COVID19 testing. Our additional staff enable this lab to conduct their research 7 days a week. Midtown is collecting specimens from various testing sites and transporting them to the lab. In addition, our team supports mobile labs where specimens can be tested within vehicles.

Contact Tracing

Midtown delivers Contact Tracing teams for State and City government agencies. Assisting programs to control and prevent the spread of COVID19, these efforts include surveillance, case identification, case investigation, contact tracing, safe isolation and quarantine, and predictive modeling. We provide positions such as Communicable Disease Investigators, Contact Tracers, Epidemiologists, Public Health Analysts, Data Entry Technicians and Social Support Connectors, as well as Investigation Supervisors and Project Managers.

Our responsibilities include identifying health risks, educating the public, and optimizing equitable access to community resources. Working with local health departments we conduct surveillance to identify cases, report case data, identify contacts, characterize disease transmission, and track relevant epidemiologic characteristics including hospitalization and death. We also conduct surveillance to monitor virology and disease activity in the community and healthcare settings. Working directly with the public, many of our professionals are bilingual.

Vaccine Scheduling

Midtown is providing a team of more than 180 remote Call Center agents to a government agency’s Vaccination Call Center. Our agents are making inbound and outbound calls while answering questions, registering residents for appointments, and connecting those in need to transportation and other services.

Quarantine Sites

Midtown is helping a government agency support mass care efforts their local population. This agency is currently operating quarantine sites for individuals who are awaiting COVID19 test results or have tested positive for COVID19. The agency has also created isolation sites for medically vulnerable individuals who are at great risk living in a congregate setting. Residents at each of these sites are primarily individuals experiencing homelessness.

Midtown is providing customer service support for these sites, including receiving hotline calls, assigning rooms to new customers, tracking room availability, leaving meals and requested items for customers, tracking discharges, and coordinating with on-site health care providers and remote case managers.

In addition, we are providing staff support to existing homeless shelters. Our duties include including distributing meals and other supplies, while performing non-medical assessments of customers to identify COVID19 symptoms and calling the hotline for transport to an isolation and quarantine site.

Lastly, Midtown supporting grocery distribution centers by gathering and organizing donated food items, while greeting and assisting residents and volunteer drivers picking up groceries for households.

Social Services

Midtown is supporting a government agency’s program to assist those who have lost loved ones to COVID19. Our Customer Service professionals are providing support to ensure individuals receive the resources available to them during this difficult time. We are facilitating burial and funeral assistance, as well as access to vital records and other necessary documents. Midtown connects residents to public benefits for employment and health insurance, as well as rental, utility, and even cash assistance. Our staff also offers delivery of food and other essential items, in addition to mental health and grief support services.

Virtual Schools

Currently Midtown is providing a local school district with temporary educational staffing support provide students with a safe consistent space to engage in virtual classes while receiving support from caring adults and engaging with their peers. Providing services across several sites, we are assisting students in Pre-K through Grade 5 with breakfast, lunch, and snacks while helping them log onto their virtual classes on their laptops and monitoring students as they attend classes. Facilitating students’ participation in quiet activities as others are participating in online classes, we lead free play and outdoor activities before and after virtual learning and during scheduled breaks.

Midtown works with a local government’s technology office to support a local school district. Our staff responds to ticket requests for IT issues, including desktop support, field work, and equipment deployments as necessary. During the COVID19 pandemic, our IT support connecting all DCPS users became absolutely critical. Our professionals dispersed emergency equipment and services to residents to ensure all students were able to participate in virtual classrooms.

Financial Reconciliation

Midtown supports a local government’s reconciliation team prepare federal reimbursement packages for COVID19 expenses. We conduct cost projections and future analysis while reviewing proof of resource requirements for orders received.

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