Emergency Services

Providing emergency response support for Federal, State and local government agencies
Midtown is experienced in providing Critical Response Teams to create solutions for:
  • Disaster Relief
  • Pandemic Response
  • Tracing, Statistics and Epidemiology
We understand that responding to a national emergency means trusting a proven partner who can deliver a solution to provide professional, responsive, and empathetic support.
Disaster Relief – How Midtown answered FEMA’s call

Midtown’s engagement governance model is built to ensure a high level of service, proactively mitigate the risk of attrition, and provides end-to-end coverage from Midtown’s senior management to the onsite contact center employees. Governance activities that Midtown will follow includes:

  • Consistent reporting between Midtown and CSRA. We can comply with all reporting demands.
  • Development of communications plan for contact center employees that sets a high bar for interactions with the public and encourages internal collaboration.
  • Monitoring of contact center employees by Midtown to provide coaching and mitigate the risk of attrition. Midtown focuses on creating personal relationships so that employees respond to positive reinforcement—not punitive measures.
In 2017

We provided two call centers in Waco, Texas and Santa Ana, California to field calls related to Hurricanes Maria, Irma, and Harvey. This deadly cluster of storms affected people across the U.S. Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Texas, Louisiana, Florida and Georgia. After successfully recruiting candidates that were 100 percent bilingual in Spanish and English, we completed fingerprinting in less than a week. We fingerprinted 400 people in Santa Ana in 4 days. In Waco, we fingerprinted 250 people in just 3 days. With 145 resources answering calls in our Waco location and 138 resources serving Santa Ana, Midtown’s ramp-up, from recruitment to fingerprinting, took just 2 weeks. The entire project management office, including two program managers scheduling daily coverage, was stood up in under a month. From September to April, both locations ran from 6:30 am to11:30 pm EST, 7 days a week. During this 8-month project, we answered more than 200,000 calls.

In 2018

We provided a set of call centers in Atlanta, Georgia and Waco, Texas, to field calls related to hurricanes Florence and Michael affecting Virginia, Alabama, Georgia, and Florida, as well as the Carolinas. Recruiting a second team of call center resources, we identified nearly 1,000 candidates and had over 900 fingerprinted in just a few days. We fingerprinted 423 resources in Atlanta and 533 in Waco. Midtown completed FEMA’s 4-day security training and began answering calls just 2 weeks after the project kick-off. Using our past FEMA call center experience, we were able to set up our project management office in half the time. With 186 resources in Waco and 132 in Atlanta, Midtown successfully provided another team of skilled customer service professionals that were 50 percent bilingual in Spanish and English, and prepared to offer hope to those feeling hopeless. This 3-month project ran 7 days a week, from 6:30 am to 11:30 pm EST, and we answered over 118,000 calls.

Pandemic Response – Midtown Supporting Nation’s COVID19 Actions
Mass Care Efforts

Midtown is helping a government agency support mass COVID19 response for their local population. This agency is currently operating quarantine sites for individuals who are awaiting COVID19 test results or have tested positive for COVID19. The agency has also created isolation sites for medically vulnerable individuals who are at great risk living in a congregate setting. Residents at each of these sites are primarily individuals experiencing homelessness.

Midtown is providing customer service support including receiving hotline calls, assigning rooms to new customers, tracking room availability, leaving meals and requested items for customers, tracking discharges, and coordinating with on-site health care providers and remote case managers.

In addition, we are providing staff support within homeless shelters. Our duties include including distributing meals and other supplies, while performing non-medical assessments of customers to identify COVID-19 symptoms and calling the hotline for transport to an isolation and quarantine site. Lastly, Midtown is also providing support for grocery distribution centers around the city for donated food items, greeting and assisting residents and volunteer drivers coming to PODs to pick up grocery bags and boxes for households.

Public Health Laboratory

For a public health laboratory, we provide a team of Medical Technicians to assist with testing samples in a wide variety of materials for toxins, infectious organisms, and other threats to public health. This includes testing for bacterial and viral infections, heavy metals, toxic or volatile materials, and other hazards to public health and safety. We also support clinical diagnostic testing, disease surveillance, emergency response support, applied research, laboratory training and other essential services the lab provides.

Within the lab, Midtown’s support includes performing research using Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) and DNA based testing methods. Our Lab Assistant and Accessioning Technician support includes receiving and sorting specimens and samples submitted to the laboratory for analysis, including blood, serum urine, stool, body fluids, animal parts, reference cultures, water, and food samples. We ensure a completed laboratory test requisition form accompanies each sample, assign an accession number to each specimen/sample, and enter the required information into the Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS). We also prepare, package and ship specimens.

This lab recently ramped up testing for COVID19, and Midtown provided additional staffing to enable them to conduct their research 7 days a week.

Virtual Schools

Midtown has supplied various IT positions to a government agency’s technology division. Our team includes Program Managers, Network Engineers, Security Analysts, Mobile Device Technicians, IT Clerks and IT Assistants. Through this partnership we also provide Tier I and II Help Desk support to the local public schools. Our staff responds to ticket requests for IT issues, including desktop support, field work, and equipment deployments as necessary. Additionally, our Systems Engineers log and route service requests and incidents in an incident management system and consult with IT leads on the best solutions. During the COVID19 pandemic, the IT support we provide to keep the school connected is absolutely critical.

Tracing, Statistics, and Epidemiology
Critical Response Team

A Federal government agency was in need of support for a large Clinical Public Health project. Midtown provided a critical response team, including technical writers and epidemiologists. Our team assisted with conducting epidemiology studies of military and veteran populations, and prepared Statements of Work for related epidemiological studies.

Our team provided statistical and analytical support for the Environmental Epidemiology Service, and prepared memoranda and scientific presentations. Additionally, our team researched, wrote, and updated various HIV prevention handbooks and materials. They also worked to collect data, review relevant literature, and develop partnerships to collaborate within the public health sector.

Disease Surveillance Team

For a local government health department, Midtown provided a team of Infections Coordinators for an Epidemiology-Disease Surveillance project. We assisted with reporting to the National Healthcare Safety Network (NHSN), including preparing surveys, performing hospital follow-ups, and conducting statistical analysis.

In addition, Midtown conducted Mosquito Surveillance Data Analysis to track the spread of the and used GIS mapping technology to create information to be released for emergency public outreach. We distributed pertinent information to residents and community centers. In addition, we conducted outreach to residents concerning zoonotic diseases, mitigation, and prevention, including identifying and reporting standing water and mosquito breeding sites.

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