Return to Office Solutions

Return to Office Solutions

01 Navigating “New Normal”

This past year and a half has been difficult, making important decisions regarding our business, as well as our employees’ well-being in the midst of a pandemic.

When DC declared COVID-19 a Public Health Emergency in 2019, Midtown responded by going 100 percent remote. We supported our clients doing the same across the country and helped thousands of our contractors transition from working on-site to working from home.
Fortunate to maintain our entire internal staff (and even add a few positions) we are tackling PPE and social distancing for our eligible capacity as we transition back into the office. Consistently researching best practices on how to safely reopen an office space, we are happy to share any resources or answer questions you may have.

We see our clients having similar experiences across both the public and private sectors. While some continue to work fully remote, many have already returned to their offices. Many more have alerted us they are in the process of reopening. Doing so safely means reconfiguring space, changing schedules, and taking countless other precautionary measures all while soothing the concerns of employees. For those who need to bring employees back from furlough, several are finding their pre-pandemic staff have moved on.

Facing challenges like these, employers are seeking additional flexibility when planning their triumphant return.

02 Flexible Workforce

In this new normal, the traditional benefits of staffing services increase exponentially.

Things are changing quickly. Reopening today doesn’t mean you will remain open tomorrow. Our temporary staffing solutions provide vital flexibility when you’re not completely certain about your hiring needs. Midtown’s contractors provide the skills you need—for only as long as they are needed.

Many clients will be returning to unfinished projects that suffered when priorities shifted. Others are plagued by backlogs caused by extended office closures. Midtown excels at quickly recruiting project teams from 2 to 200 or more to see your most daunting tasks to completion.

03 Seamless Solutions

Midtown can quickly scale our resources up or down to adapt to your fluctuating needs. Our resources are available for (and accustomed to) project work that might last just a few weeks.

Our experience includes onboarding hundreds of people to start a time-sensitive government project (requiring background checks and fingerprinting) in under 2 weeks.

We can also meet immediate staffing requests. Our database of 120,000+ pre-screened contractors contains skilled professionals ready to be deployed within 24 hours.

In addition, we are continuing to make remote placements for clients who remain offsite—even offering equipment when necessary.

04 Trusted Partners

If you want to hear more about our flexible workforce that can adapt to your needs, please reach out to Jon Witmer (our Production Manager in charge of client requests) at 202-887-4747 and